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What is Crain's Excellence in HR Awards?
Crain’s Excellence in HR program honors top human resources professionals who are building companies with the best people, talent, development and culture. Different categories will highlight those who have gone above and beyond and are making lasting impressions in their field.

What are the qualifications for the HR Awards?
Each submission is category-specific, please visit our site to view the 2023 categories and the eligibility and criteria for each.

When is the deadline for nominations? When is it published?
The deadline for nominations is April 28, 2023. Any nominations received after the designated date will not be considered. The section is printed in the July 31 issue of Crain's Cleveland Business and online at CrainsCleveland.com.

Who decides who will be a finalist and winner?
An independent panel of HR professionals.

How does the process work?
Nominations are reviewed by an independent panel of human resources experts. Consideration is given, but not limited to: leadership, best practices, innovation, challenges met and strategies implemented.

Awards Program: Nominees selected as award finalists will be contacted and profiled in the July 31 issue of Crain's Cleveland Business. Finalists selected as award recipients will be announced at the awards reception in August. All finalists and award recipients will receive a mention at the reception.

How can I nominate someone for the HR Awards?
The best way is to use the online nomination form. 

Can I just call you or send you an email with the name of the person I'd like to nominate?
No phone calls or emails, please. We need the detailed information called for in the online nomination form.

I want to nominate someone, but would it be better if someone higher up nominated her/him?
Can I nominate a family member?
You can nominate yourself, a client, a family member, your boss, an employee or an acquaintance. Previous year re-submissions are also welcome. The most important thing is that you state a clear, business-oriented reason for the nomination. However, please note a quote / testimonial of support for the candidate from a superior is required.

Does it help if many people nominate the same person?
No, keep in mind the quality of your nomination over quantity.

Should I send you a nomination form using the online form and then fax you a copy of it and then send you a hard copy, too?
No. We only need it once, and we do not accept faxes.

I want to be picked for the HR Awards. Will it help to hire a public relations firm?
It doesn't influence the judging. Some candidates use PR firms or internal corporate communications departments for help with the forms.

Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the judging process?
No. We don't give status reports. If you were nominated by a public relations firm, please do not ask them to call us to check on the nomination. 

I have submitted my candidate form. Since then I have won an award. Can I add that to my form? If I have had a change in job or employment, can I update my form?
Awards don't figure heavily in the judging, but feel free to let us know about it.
On the other hand, it's very important we know about a change in employer or title.

How will I know if I have been chosen for the HR Awards? What can I expect if I am chosen?
When we have finalized our list, all honorees will be contacted and will receive additional information regarding next steps for the awards ceremony.

When will I hear from you?
All finalists will be notified in June.

I was not picked for the HR Awards. Can you tell me why?
We will not be able to tell you why you weren't picked mainly because it won't be for any one reason, but for reasons that have to do with presenting a diverse range of experience, accomplishments and organizations.

For additional questions regarding Crain's Excellence in HR Awards program, please contact Crain’s Cleveland Business / Crain’s Content Studio-Cleveland Managing editor, custom and special projects Amy Ann Stoessel at astoessel@crain.com.

For customer service questions and concerns regarding your account, please email customerservice@crainscleveland.com.

All nominations must be received no later than end of day on April 28, in order to be considered. Go to the nomination form